Kraków and Małopolska Region Film Production Database


Adrian Konarski is a young Polish film and theater music composer, graduate of the Composition, Conducting and Music Theory faculty at Krakow Music Academy (2000). His music has a recognizable melodic style and interesting harmony, associated with the change of light and time. He composes both for film and theater.

2014 Citizen (Obywatel), dir. Jerzy Stuhr
2014 Close Ups (Zbliżenia), dir. Magdalena Piekorz
2012 Continuity, dir. Philippe More
2008 Drowsiness (Senność), dir. Magdalena Piekorz
2004 Karzimierz is Closed, dir. Borys Lankosz
2004 The Welts (Pręgi), dir. Magdalena Piekorz

2015 Raj na ziemi, dir.Cecylia Malik
2013 Absolutely Modern, dir. Philippe Mora
2008 Edelman Commander, dir. Artur Więcek
2007 Grandfather (Dziadek), dir. Bruno Szczapinski
2007 An Interrupted Flight, dir. Magdalena Piekorz

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